The Track


Precision and presentation are hallmarks of our business. Just like yours.

The key to the quality and portability of our events is the Slotfire modular track system. It’s designed and manufactured in Cologne, Germany – and introduced to Australia by Slotmeister Slot Racing Events.

track-vpower-girls As you can see, it’s a hi-tech take on the classic thrills of slot-car racing.

Our track system’s modular design means that Slotmeister can access virtually any venue, using standard-sized doorways, lifts and stairwells.

(Or even gangplanks! Slotmeister Slot Racing Events have been a popular addition to corporate cruises on the delightful Sydney Glass Island).

European slot-car racing enthusiasts have agreed: Slotfire’s CNC-machined, varnished surface is the sweetest you can race on.


Slotmeister’s corporate events track measures 5.4 x 1.7 metres, at a height of 0.78 metres. Total weight is approximately 140kg, and our rubber-footed, lightweight plastic trestles will not harm polished timber, tiles or carpet.

Timing and results are displayed on our 19-inch, trackside monitor. Alternatively, we can use any larger monitor or projector system equipped with a standard 15-pin plug.

And it’s not only the racing that’ll be quick: we bump-in or bump-out in just 60 to 90 minutes.